Upsizing and downsizing of filter systems


Upsizing and downsizing older filter machines are processes that present both challenges and opportunities. Upsizing is about increasing the capacity of a machine to handle larger production volumes. This can be achieved by using modern technologies, replacing components or expanding the existing infrastructure. However, it is important to note that when upsizing, the efficiency and quality of production must not be compromised. It is therefore essential to carry out careful planning and implementation to ensure that the machine meets the increased requirements.


Extension modules (diatomaceous earth frame/trub chambers, filter plates/standard chambers)

Adaptation of piping, measuring and valve technology

Bar extension incl. protective tubes

Support legs incl. plates

Cylinder extension


On the other hand, there is downsizing, which is about reducing the size and capacity of a machine. This may be necessary when production requirements decrease or when the aim is to reduce costs and increase efficiency. When downsizing, it is important that despite the reduction in size and capacity, the quality of production is not compromised. Therefore, it is also important to plan and execute carefully to ensure that the machine continues to operate effectively.

Generally overhauled plants


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