i3 Membrane GmbH

i3 Membrane GmbH headquartered in Radeberg, manufactures and develops the most modern separation technologies and offers new technologies for the areas

  • Medical technology
  • Laboratory
  • Pharma Biotech.

By changing the conductivity and inertness of coated polymer membranes and porous films for adsorption, i3 offers its customers various
application options such as sterile filtration for infection prevention, particle, asbestos and microplastic analysis and digital membrane chromatography.

The aim of the collaboration between i3 Membrane GmbH and Müller GmbH was to modernize the test stand in production, taking into account a simultaneous optimization of water consumption.

In close cooperation with those responsible at i3 Membrane GmbH and based on the well-planned on-site analysis, the effectiveness of the handling could also be increased.

The support from Müller GmbH and the quick implementation of the requirements were a great support. The result of the development bears the full expertise of Müller GmbH.

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